Students - are you interested in working with us to share your thoughts and ideas about our textbooks? If so, why not join our student representative scheme. Simply fill out the form below.

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Find out about the Elsevier Student Rep Scheme

Feel lost without Siviter’s student nurse handbook? Is Ross and Wilson part of your anatomy? Are you confident giving and asking for opinions? Then you might be just what we are looking for. We are on the lookout for motivated and enthusiastic nursing students to join the Elsevier Student Rep Scheme. Reviewing books, sharing views, organising focus groups and circulating information about new products are just some of the things you could get involved in. We don't expect you to do it for nothing if course: £50 worth of books will be yours when you join and you will have the opportunity to earn more throughout the year. To find out more, simply fill out the form on this page.

We also have Student Rep Schemes for medicine, dentistry and physiotherapy. If you are studying in these areas, or if you know some else who is and would like to nominate them to join our scheme, simply fill out the form on this page.

PLEASE NOTE: We only operate our Student Rep Scheme in the UK and Northern Europe. If your institution is not within this territory, we are unfortunately unable to accept you onto the scheme.